Renewable Heat Associaton for Northern Ireland

The Renewable Heat Association Northern Ireland the body representing the Renewable Heat Industry (owners, trade bodies, suppliers, installers, users) in Northern Ireland. The Renewable Heat Industry is a strong, credible and crucially important part of our energy and economy mix.

The issues surrounding the Renewable Heat Incentive, recently and widely receiving much exposure in the media, have created the need for a single body speaking with one voice, to represent the interests of those who have genuinely and honestly taken part in this scheme. The association does not support in any way the inappropriate use of heat generation. Following a meeting with broad representation from across the industry, including installers, boiler owners and agricultural organisations, it was decided to create the Renewable Heat Association (RHA).

Driven by the industry and by robust legal advice, the RHA:-

  • Will represent the industry
  • Will be made up of members, who will pay for membership
  • Will have a Management Committee
  • Will communicate with DfE and Regulatory bodies regarding RHI

Meetings will be attended by collective representatives. The group will have legal representation, and terms of reference which are currently being drawn up. Other Associations, should be considered as part of the Management Committee. It is essential to highlight the benefits of the scheme and how we see the way forward.

With the current vacuum in collective industry representation, the role of RHA is vital.  Our priority is to sustain the existing conditions and build the future for this vital industry.